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  ZILIS Ambassadors  – Business Opportunity With Immediate Income Potential.

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Become An Ambassador – Zilis is a for-profit company on a mission. Our goal is to build the world’s greatest wellness company and in the process provide opportunity to entrepreneurs from across the nation.

Have you ever wanted the benefits of a corporate career without the JOB?  Welcome to the Zilis Benefits Program! We are revolutionizing the  Industry – one Ambassador at a time.

Earn lucrative fast starts when you personally enroll Ambassadors with an enrollment pack. FSBs are a tremendous opportunity to earn while training your organization to establish a solid foundation on which to grow a successful Zilis business.

Regional and above Ambassadors are eligible to qualify for health insurance reimbursements up to $1,000/month. Having health insurance is the cornerstone of any solid financial plan. Zilis wants as many Ambassadors as possible to take their businesses full-time should they choose. Our Healthcare Bonus removes one of the largest obstacles to many direct sales professionals leaving traditional careers.

Zilis offers a smarter, more efficient solution to addressing social needs around the world. We leverage a new paradigm called social entrepreneurship and as a result,  Zilis is transcending every economic boundary that typically hinders organizations with a heart to serve. We have combined two powerful economic forces, social entrepreneurship and direct sales. This allows our Co-Venture charities to bypass the barriers of high overhead and massive marketing costs that are far to familiar.

Our Company is then able to pass a portion of these benefits directly to our Independent Ambassadors, giving regular people all over the world the chance to improve their own financial future by investing time into an endeavor that is truly making a difference. This creates a win-win for all involved. The best part is that all of this is done with about half the normal costs associated with fundraising. Lower fundraising costs means more resources available for those that need it most, at-risk children around the world.

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Zilis is building the world’s premier health and wellness brand. With each sale, we pay forward nutrition to children in developing countries.

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