We Rock for Autism – Sound Pillow® Sleep System Study

We Rock for Autism and Sound Pillow® Sleep System

RIR Radio Guests: R. Scott Armbruster of Sound Pillow and Paul & Chris Wilson of  We Rock for Autism. WRFA is dedicated to assisting children on the spectrum receive music therapy services, as well as promote autism awareness and acceptance through music, art and events.


RIR-Radio Talk show usually discusses addiction recovery issues through a message of music, hope and guidance. However, they would like to help us get the word out regarding the research study as Autism has touched their lives and many folks they know.

Show Topic: RIR Member Paul Wilson’s grandson is on the spectrum and had sleep issues and now has been sleeping with a Sound Pillow® Sleep System for several months. The benefit of the system was quickly realized and has been a “blessing for the whole family.” This show is also raising awareness of the need for participants for a current ongoing autism research study with Sound Pillow® Sleep System.  This study could be a beneficial sound and music therapy study for the Autism community at large. Please Tune-In RIR-Radio Episode 856 – Learn more about @ Sound Pillow® Sleep System and We Rock for Autism.

Opportunity to participate in Sound Pillow® research study – Join The Study


The CEC conducts research that could lead to significant developments in treatment plans for individuals on the Autism spectrum, and we have a wonderful new opportunity for children on the Autism Spectrum.

Because it is well documented that those with Autism often have sleep disturbances, the Clinical Education Complex and the Department of Psychology at WKU are seeking participants for a study to investigate the effectiveness of a special Sound Pillow Sleep System on sleep patterns.

If your child has difficulty sleeping and would like to try out a Sound Pillow Sleep System (a non-allergenic twin size pillow with an easy-to-use MP3 Player pre-loaded with 18 one hour tracks of nature sounds, slow evolutionary music and noise files) please sign up! We would love for you to help us with our research study.  Learn More

CONCERT FOR ACCEPTANCE 2018We Rock for Autism will be hosting our 4th Annual “Concert for Acceptance” on Saturday April 21st, 2018 at Gigi’s Music Cafe. The night will include live music, demonstrations, guest speakers and lots of great raffle and auction items. All money raised is used to benefit our Music Therapy Sponsorship Program.

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