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I don’t think any one thing carries more memories with it than music. Music has been an ever present friend throughout every stage of my growth. I listened to my parent’s music while riding in the car as a small child. Shortly after, I started to notice the music my older siblings listened to. Next, of course, I started to develop my own taste.

Music and the people who played it, influenced the way I thought, my clothes and the way I did or didn’t cut my hair. When I was lonely, music kept me company. When I was down, music lifted me up. When I was joyous music helped me celebrate. I see Her face when I hear That song. Another brings me back to the political unrest our country experienced. Any one of several take me back to the movement of peace and love. Yet another to the blending of many different instruments into the harmonious flow of orchestrated music. I write about how I feel, but nothing can capture feelings like a good song.

When I got sober a few years back, I didn’t think I would ever have fun again. I realized,however, that sober misery had to be better than the life I was living. Not only have I found happiness in sobriety, I’ve discovered the best way of life I could have ever imagined. I didn’t have to leave music behind either.

There existed a wealth of music about the struggle approaching and life in sobriety by more artist than I could number. Not only that, but there are organizations to promote it. Organizations like Rockers InRecovery. If you aren’t already following Rockers In Recovery on Facebook, please check them out.

Using Music – Spreading The Message of Sobriety; Rockers In Recovery celebrated their 7 year milestone back in January of 2015 and they make music available in a number of ways while spreading the message of sobriety. At times music has been my best and only friend. I believe that God gave us music so we could express what we could never put into words. I know where I’d like to go right now and I know just the music that will help me get there.


Keith Bayard

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