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We at RIR have been proud to be a part of Stacey Hampton’s Music since 2015 when she performed at the 2015 Love of Recovery Music Festival. It’s been a honor to have her with us educating about addiction at several of our meet & greets and festivals. She has gone on to share a gift of  sobriety through her lyrics and music.  Stacey is all about experience, strength, and hope through music. We love her very much and please take the time to know her better.

Stacey Hampton is a female solo artist basing most of her music in folk rock with a touch of country, a hint of bluegrass and a sprinkle of funk. She picked up the guitar her sophomore year of college and also began writing a lot of poetry at the time. In the throws of her addiction, she found herself wanting to combine the two. Stacey is a person in long term recovery, she has been playing and writing music for about 20 years now and simply wants to share it with those that are struggling.

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