RIR Has Canceled The January 27, 2018 Hard Rock Event


Good Day Everyone,

It’s with a heavy heart that RIR has canceled the January 27, 2018 Hard Rock event. Due to a shortage of sponsorship dollars needed to produce the event it was the only thing we could do. There were no pre-ticket sales for this event, it was going to be a donation at the door to support MusiCares.

This would have been our 10 year anniversary party and 30th music production, and we really were looking forward to doing it. Being the optimist’s we are, we did everything we could right up to Saturday January 20, 2018 to pull it off, and it just didn’t happen.

To the sponsors who sponsored a combined $7655.30, we gratefully thank you for your support and as some of you have already seen we have started the refund process for your sponsorships. Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please feel free to contact us at 786-488-6984 or 954-826-5968 if you have any questions in regards to this matter.

Nashville Event Cost;

Hard Rock Rental – $8000.00

Musical Performers – $2500.00

Stage Backline – $1500.00

Travel and Lodging – $950.00

Production Expenses – $560.00

Total Expenses – $13,510.00

Total Sponsorship Collected – $7655.30

Total Sponsorship Shortage – $5854.70

Above Costs do not represent the time spent in creating and marketing towards this event thus far, and the marketing of the payed sponsors that has already been completed to this point. Also, it does not include the countless hours spent contacting over 500 potential sponsors in the private treatment sector since May 2017.

Again please feel free to contact Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions at: 786-488-6984 or 954-826-5968 if you have any further questions.


Lori Sullivan – CFO, Rockers In Recovery Radio and Productions

John Hollis – COO, Co-Founder, Rockers In Recovery®

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Hello I’m John Hollis Co-Founder of Rockers In Recovery, a media and productions company that specialize in bringing addiction education together with music events. The events are to help those affected by addiction may it be the addict or their loved ones.

We make these events totally free to anyone who would like to attend. In order to do this we rely on sponsorship dollars. We work very hard to make this a win win for everyone.

How? By becoming a sponsor we promote your organization/company through our many media platforms based on the sponsorship level you decide on. The earlier a sponsor comes aboard the longer you are promoted. You are also part of a great community event that promotes and shows recovery is possible (hope) as well as educating and helping those in need (help).

Of course in turn your sponsorship dollars are a 100% advertising write off and mostly  help pay for the production costs of the event. A win win!!

So act now and get your organization/company’s logo on them as one of our event sponsors,  as well as getting the media exposure we provide for several months.

Again, we can only do this event through the participation of organizations/business like yours.

Let’s “Unite to Fight” against the ignorance and stigma associated with addiction! I thank you for you time and consideration.


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