Music Enhances My Recovery

 Paul Wilson / Sobriety Unplugged

Singer-Songwriter Paul Wilson and  his organization Sobriety Unplugged is a huge part of Rockers In Recovery. Through Paul’s support since 2012 we have been able to do festivals and music production all over the United States. Paul is a beautiful person who is truly loyal to his friends, and his passion for songwriting comes from his life experiences and love of his long term recovery.  We love Paul here at RIR and look forward to many more years together educating people with addiction, through song.

About Paul:  “I started playing guitar in 65 after hearing the Bob Dylan song Desolation Row. I was mesmerized by him, and the song hit home with me. By 17 I had played in a couple of coffee houses and worked in a head shop, Golicombies Pottery. It was the 60s, the birth of sex drugs and rock and roll. I survived.

I got married young had kids and worked hard and was raising a family so music took a back seat. The booze and drugs were always there and got worse. I got divorced and became homeless at 38 and the next thing I knew I was 51 and dying. God’s Grace saved me and I found the rooms of recovery.

New live, new job, new guitar. I started writing and relearning with a fever pitch passion, but I couldn’t play out sober… unbelievable stage fright. With help of other musicians and my sponsor I worked through it.

I got involved with Rockers In Recovery® and it gave me a way to give back and show other addicts and alcoholics you can have fun in Recovery. I put together a family band with my son and grandson, three generations playing music how cool is that.

With the help of John Hollis I started Sobriety Unplugged to do smaller Unplugged venues . The music enhances my recovery and my recovery enhances my music.” Paul Stephen Wilson 

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