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Rockers In Recovery Co-Founder, John Hollis – Music and Recovery Radio – Episode 794 

It was 2004 and I was stuck in a room drinking and drugging like a pig. I was using 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My state of mental health was off the chain to say the least. Deep down inside I was on a road to death and knew it and was really ok with it. It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn. 
I was working in the Midwest and every night I would spend hours getting high, watching porn, and listening to music online. One night I was searching my favorite musical artist Eric Clapton. To my surprise up came a video of him talking about his recovery and how his life had changed. I was blown away, and started to listen to it over and over. This video of my musical hero gave me so much hope. I was near death and it took two more years to come into recovery. I always kept playing that video over and over in my head it gave me hope over the next two years in times of suicidal and morbid thinking.
Two years after I got sober in 2006, Rockers in Recovery® was formed in 2008 by Lori Welch Sullivan and Myself. What began as a radio program to spread the message of recovery through news, interviews, and music has grown into a multifaceted media and production company.
In 2010, I was invited by Kim Martin, Program Director of Crossroads Centre Antigua to broadcast live from Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival. What an amazing day, the Rockers In Recovery® -Music Festivals vision was born that day. A way to carrying a message of Addiction Education & Awareness and do it through Rock-N-Roll.
On February 12, 2011 the vision came true, we did our first Education & Awareness music festival called love of recovery. We have gone on to produce twenty five Rockin’ Recovery concerts, festivals, and drug and alcohol addiction community meet and greets across the United States. Rockers in Recovery® now attracts thousands to our music festivals and reaches millions more through our online media reach. The message Rockers in Recovery® is spreading through rock ‘n’ roll: there is hope, addiction recovery is possible.
Featured Song – Holy Mother by Eric Clapton > DOWN LOAD



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