Dr. Michael Ligotti – Treatment Of Opiate-Use Disorder

Dr. Michael Ligotti - Treatment & Recovery

RIR Radio Guest; Dr. Michael Ligotti – Specializing in addiction treatment and treatment of opiate-use disorder. Whole-Health  – Private Family Practice, Urgent Care, and Drug Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach, FL Get to know Dr. Ligotti by calling 855-636-9242

About Guest; Whole Health; “Which is an “integrated medical practice” utilizing both traditional and alternative treatment modalities. Whole Health’s founder and principle physician, Dr. Michael Ligotti, is also one of the few Board-Certified out-patient physicians specializing in addiction treatment and treatment of opiate-use disorder.” Learn More

Whole Health’s state-of-the-art Medical Center campus in Delray Beach, FL is a Full-Spectrum Family Medical, Primary Care, Addiction Medicine, and Urgent Care Services center offering an integrative continuum of care. Services are provided by Dr. Michael Ligotti and his well-trained physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Dr. Ligotti is one of the few experienced (well over a decade caring for patients with substance use disorders) and highly educated private practitioners providing the best possible addiction medicine treatment for opiate addicts and other substance use disorders. Dr. Ligotti and his staff care for patients primarily in the tri-county area of Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties.

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