Dick Conaboy – Clearbrook Treatment Centers

Dick Conaboy - Clearbrook Treatment Centers

RIR-Radio Guest Tonight: Dick Conaboy, Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Clearbrook Treatment Centers. We will be talking about the treatment process and acceptance. – Episode 851

His current responsibilities  include evaluating all incoming clients from the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and assigning them to the appropriate counselor, following their care and planning after-care, as well as implementing the facility’s daily schedule.

As a patient advocate, Conaboy takes time to talk to each patient every day, helping them solve life problems, legal problems, and the early difficulties that many patients face transitioning to a sober lifestyle. Conaboy has been involved in professional counseling since 1975, beginning at the State Correctional Institution at Rockview, conducting psychiatric and educational assessments of inmates.

Every patient at Clearbrook has immediate and direct access to Dick. As Vice President of Clinical Affairs, his workload can be immense, but he prides himself on always making the time for a patient in need.  At any given time during the day you can find Dick in his office talking one-on-one to our patients, guiding them through the process of treatment and the individual issues each patient may present. He’s also a tremendous asset to our alumni. A graduate of Marywood University, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, he has garnered more than 300 continuing education credits pertaining to drug and alcohol abuse, and recovery. Dick’s greatest asset is his own personal story of recovery and the almost magical way he passes that on to people that have come through Clearbrook.

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