It all begins with the product model itself.  In health and wellness, the product is everything!  Normally, a Direct Sales company private labels every product it offers in the name of “branding”.  What most do not realize, is that even for a company offering a small handful of quality products, the inventory load is tremendous.  In the world of manufacturing, there are only two choices.  Manufacturing in low quantity is never a good choice because the cost of the individual products skyrockets.  Most companies opt for the second option, which is making much higher quantities in pursuit of a higher price break.  There’s only one challenge.  This requires vast amounts of upfront capital.  This capital is then tied up in the inventory and may sit idle on the shelf in massive warehouses for months, if not years.  As a result, companies are forced to commit to smaller product lines, narrowing their focus into smaller areas and limiting the products their Distributors are able to sell.  These costs must be passed along to the end user in the form of higher priced products and lower commissions to distributors.

Zilis can be described as Amazon meets health and wellness.  Like  Amazon, Zilis is not manufacturing the products we offer.  Rather, we partner with the top manufacturers to offer the most popular products on the market.  Our goal is to bring the best products in the world into one marketplace at tremendous savings to our Customers and Ambassadors.  A big portion of how we accomplish this is through the efficiency of shared inventory.

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Zilis is building the world’s premier health and wellness brand. With each sale, we pay forward nutrition to children in developing countries.

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Please Call Or Text –  786-488-6984

business opportunity

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