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The Chief Business Development Officer at Amethyst Recovery Center.
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Amethyst Recovery Center strives to improve business relationships acting as a liaison between operations and board members assisting in the development and improvement of the company’s mission and vision. Tommy works with other executives to implement strategic plans to pave the way for future advancements for the company as a whole. Tommy frequently relies on his own recovery experience to help him relate to potential clients and offer insight and support to those family members affected by this disease.

Born and raised in Port St Lucie Florida, Tommy takes pride in bringing local events and fundraisers to his hometown. This pride has led to a focused directive to work with local police departments to help make treatment readily accessible to all. Having a detailed past of his own that involved law enforcement, Tommy had first-hand experience with incarceration as opposed to rehabilitation.

Wanting to impact reform, Tommy helped launch Operation Hope out of Scarborough, Maine; a program where individuals who are seeking help for substance abuse can walk into police stations and find the resources without the fear of being arrested. Tommy is a prominent influence here at Amethyst Recovery Center, being a founder and an active member since its inception.  Learn More

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