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Since 2008 Rockers In Recovery® – Addiction Recovery Media; The information here is based on the love of music and Evidence-Based Approaches to Drug Addiction Recovery.

We Are Not A Treatment Program or Advocacy Group. Our sole purpose is to provide prevention and education information to anyone who suffers with drug addiction/alcoholism. We do this through our media platforms using the following; music, addiction educational information, and our Recovery Media Partners.

DISCLAIMER – Our Website, Radio Shows, Posts, Livestream Productions and Press Releases are based on opinion. They are not meant to treat or diagnose any health or mental health issue of any kind. If you feel you need help for any health related issues please contact a physician or a mental health professional. If you have a medical Emergency Call 911 or go to your local hospital.


John Hollis,
Director of Business Development ,
Thinking About Becoming A RIR Media Partner? We promote your organization/company through our many media platforms based on the partnership level you decide on. You are also part of a great online community that promotes and shows recovery is possible (hope) as well as educating and helping those in need (help).

How do we do this? We do it through our News & Media Website (with more than 175,000 unique visitors each year), national and regional press releases, worldwide radio live streaming, podcasting, live onsite music streaming, facebook live, and direct blog Re-Posts that reaches our quarter of a million social media followers. RIR followers are within and not limited to the 2.5 million apart of clean and sober community. We are able to track our results and deliver you quarterly reports.

Example: Lyle Fried – The Shores Treatment and Recovery

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