A U.S. military veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes

Dear Colleagues:

As you know RIR and The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) have partnered on many great prevention and awareness projects, this new project is very important to our veterans that are suffering. A U.S. military veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes, on average, according to a recent study from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Please share the following information everywhere your organization can, so our veterans know there is help.

Rockers in Recovery & SAMHSA has partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs so that their National Suicide Prevention Lifeline could act as the single point of entry to help meet the special needs of veterans and service members in crisis. Callers to SAMHSA’s Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK) can press “1” to be connected to the VA’s Veterans Crisis Line in Canandaigua, NY. Visit for help http://goo.gl/cseHpj

As part of this new project RIR will be holding a 3 day music & prevention education concert in New Jersey on Memorial Day Weekend. Please Join Us:

2015 HopeFest

  • Prevention of Suicide – Friday, May 22
  • Promotion of Mental Health & Wellness – Saturday, May 23
  • Prevention & Awareness Through Rock-N-Roll – Sunday, May 24

If you would like to help us with support for this event see more

ALL Concerts/Festivals – 100% Tax Deductible

$2500.00 Main Supporter – NON Members $5000.00

$1250.00 Band Supporter – NON Members $2500.00

Thank you all for your support in this project of hope and love.


Lori Sullivan
President & Founder
Rockers In Recovery
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Miami Shores, Florida. 33138