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RIR 8Tom Coderre ,Senior White House Advisor to SAMHSA -” Rockers In Recovery brings the private treatment sector, addiction education, and the addiction advocacy non-profit sector together in a unique way as no one else  is doing anywhere in the United States.What makes RIR unique, the message is all around and through the universal language of music with some great rockers of our day. They combine it with educational speakers and advocacy groups. RIR brings it all together at their community addiction education meet and greets, and addiction awareness and prevention concerts/festivals. I found as I walked around and met people today is there is a mix of families seeking help, family members of people in recovery, recovery supporters, treatment centers with their clients, the recovery community, and people from the community just coming by to see what it was all about. The one thing I have been hearing over and over is the community loved the unique message of hope. I look forward to seeing more of RIR across the United States throughout 2015 doing Addiction Awareness, Education and Prevention through Rock-N-Roll”. (Quote From 2015 Love Of Recovery music festival).

Rockers In RecoveryThank you to all of our friends and supporters for 8 years of love and support of our message of hope.  We are not a treatment center – Since January 2008 – Rockers In Recovery Radio & Productions (Rockers In Recovery – RIR) is an organization with the sole mission to provide prevention and education to anyone who suffers with drug addiction/alcoholism.  In the beginning our thought was (and still is)  “if we can just help one person” it’s worth the labor of love. Well, over the years we have been able to educate and help thousands seeking recovery from addiction.
Education is the key to unlock the door of freedom and Rockers In Recovery is dedicated to addiction recovery through music, news, interviews, events, and festivals taking place within our communities across the United States.  Multiple Media addiction/education informational based websites with lots of Social Media platforms is how we educate. It all started in January 2008 doing interviews on RIR Addiction Talk Radio and 8 years later our addiction/education message is presented through the following; live concerts and festivals, community meet & greets, social media posting, RIR & Guest blogging, articles in the RIR magazine, (in print and online), RIR Live Concert and Event Streaming. This makes it easy for our addiction/education message to reach millions of people globally with just a click of a mouse and thousands face to face at our concerts, festivals and events.

Rockers In Recovery (RIR) is a community of dedicated people who live to carry a message of hope to addicts and alcoholics and their families who all are suffering. Our shared common goal to spread hope and enlightenment across the country has turned out to be something we never expected. RIR is an organization with the sole mission to provide education and help to anyone who suffers with drug addiction and alcoholism and we do it through our various platforms.

Professionals in the substance abuse field are always looking for ways to improve the therapeutic experience for their clients. Key components of achieving and maintaining recovery are: motivation, optimism, hope, and coping skills (learning how to deal with and express emotions in a healthy way). Many times, clients have a difficult time opening up, expressing, and processing their emotions. Due to having limited time with clients (often 30 days in treatment), clinicians must look for effective ways in bringing about this process as quickly as they can so they can help the client begin the process of healing. RIR does this in a way that will engage the client, capture their attention, entertain them and have such a profound impact on their life; they can carry it with them always.

The Story: RIR Musicians walk in to their festivals capturing the undivided attention of everyone at the festival. After all, this is not just a speaker coming on stage; this is musicians, guitarists and songwriters. Clients are looking forward to hearing their story and will listen intently as our musicians share their personal struggle with substance abuse and their journey to recovery. RIR musicians and friends share their experiences in a way that will make them laugh, contemplate and often times cry. When RIR does concerts/festivals they invite all the local treatment centers and IOP programs, along with sober living houses in the area to come out and experience this first hand.

Twenty Nine RIR Concerts and Festivals Since 2011. RIR has teamed up on a community grass roots level to help a lot over 5 years, we have gone on to produce twenty one concert and festival productions. RIR was the first recovery origination producing addiction and awareness through Rock-N-Roll at the 2012 ATP – International Tennis Championship to a NYC sold out show at the Cutting Room for the missed placed victims that were devastated from Hurricane Sandy. In addition to a benefit concert, RIR did another community event at a local Connecticut school to benefit a street-level non-profit business. RIR put together what was a benefit for the Special Olympics of South Florida and the Sheriff’s Foundation of Broward County.

The thinking and actions around the RIR camp are simple; educate, help people in need of help for a loved one or themselves.  RIR teams up with addiction professionals that are present at all of these shows, in order to provide answers to people seeking help. People can go right to the recovery information tent manned all day to help everyone. Each show has band and solo acts along with a list of 10 minute addiction professional speaker in between bands. RIR is educating while have fun in a fun loving environment.

We do many free community awareness and prevention concerts through Rock-N-Roll all over the United States. Some are just to name a few, the D&R Theater Aberdeen Washington, to a standing room only crowd with the same results at the luxury hotel in the heart of Las Vegas, known as the Bellagio. RIR was Rockin’ the 2014 RecoveryWalks at Penns Landing, Philadelphia, Pa. in front of 23,000 people, along with the 4th Annual RIR Music Festival in Feb 2015. RIR also donated the RIR Band & production services to the Hope All Day Festival in New Jersey 2015. This was to help raise funds for the Hope All Day Foundation.

Recovery is not only about helping yourself; it is about who you can help as well. When Hurricane Sandy struck NYC, people didn’t only just help themselves, but also recovery efforts came far and wide from many people – that is the soul of recovery, to help other people and pay it forward.

Recovery is having the power to get your life back by letting go to the aspects of life to a higher power. By relinquishing control to the things we cannot change, we realize there is more fulfillment and empowerment when we ask for help and return it by helping others in ways we can.

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