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CLICK BANNER TO DOWNLOAD SPONSORSHIP PDFFREE Music Festival – September 9, 2017 (12PM – 5:00PM) – Venue LOCATION: Kirby Park @ 160 Market St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18704.

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6th Annual Love of Recovery – Free Music Festival - Flyer

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Love of Recovery (Wilkes-Barre, PA.) – Free Music Festival

Atlantic Biotech – Get to know Debbie Falestra by calling 754 -222-5150

Production Partners
Clearbrook Treatment Centers – Get to know Dr. Nick by calling 888-414-4209

Special Events Partners
The Shores Treatment and Recovery – Get to Know Lyle Fried by calling 772-332-8711
Amethyst Recovery Center – Get to know Sam Kesaris by calling 954-665-3826
Little Creek Lodge – Get to know Andy Pace by calling (570) 689-2644
Hope and Grace Recovery Center – Get to know Adam Byron by calling 888-836- HGRC
Steps to Recovery – Get to know Ryan Mccarthy by calling (888) 755-7227
Just Believe Recovery – Get to know Cynthia Bellino by calling (800) 723-7376

“Sobriety Unplugged – Get to Know Paul Wilson by calling 945-336-8631

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Detox and Treatment Services

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