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Rockers In Recovery® – Privately Owned Media and Production Company.
Rockers In Recovery® Trademark is Privately Owned, No use of trademark in any form is allowed.

“Rockers In Recovery® Radio & Productions (RIR®)”

Since 2008 – Rockers In Recovery® is a nationwide addiction recovery based media organization. The RIR media platforms we have developed over the last decade, reaches millions of recovery based followers, seeking information on addiction education everyday around the United States and Canada.

Rockers In Recovery® – Media; is dedicated to caring the message of addiction recovery education; we do it through music, news, events, and festivals taking place within and not limited to the clean and sober community.

Rockers In Recovery® –  Official Media Platforms Include;

News Feed
Rockers In Recovery® – Official Podcast
Live Music Production
Live Radio Stream Station
Music & Recovery Radio Podcast
Unite To Fight Addiction
Music Festivals
Magazine(print and online)
Live Concert and Event Streaming
Rockers in Recovery® – Constant Contact
Rockers In Recovery Cafes
Sobriety Unplugged

Rockers In Recovery® – Official Social Media Platforms Include;

Rockers In Recovery – Twitter
Rockers In Recovery® – LinkedIn
Rockers in Recovery® – Addiction Network

“Rockers In Recovery®” – Facebook
Rockers In Recovery Music Festival
Love of Recovery Music Festival – Group
Rockers In Recovery Music Festival – Group
Recovery Partners – Group
“Sobriety Unplugged” – Group

Rockers In Recovery® Media –  Admin’s a total of 15 Facebook Groups.

Rockers In Recovery® – Official Videos Channels; 
Rockers In Recovery® – USTREAM SITE
Rockers In Recovery® – YouTube
Rockers In Recovery® – Facebook Videos


Quote From Tom Coderre, Former Senior White House Advisor to SAMHSA (Feb.14, 2015): – “Rockers In Recovery® brings the private treatment sector, addiction education, and the addiction advocacy non-profit sector together in a unique way as no one else is doing anywhere in the United States. What makes RIR unique: the message is all around and through the universal language of music with some great rockers of our day. They combine it with educational speakers and advocacy groups. RIR brings it all together at their community addiction education meet and greets, and addiction awareness and prevention concerts/festivals.”

Quote From Clearbrook Treatment Centers – “I would like to express our gratitude for the tremendous support and attention Rockers In Recovery has garnered for us. Combining Music with Recovery Media along with recovery music events was a remarkable vision and gift that Lori Sullivan and John Hollis Founders of Rockers In Recovery Radio & Productions has shared with us. The passion and dedication of Lori and John’s organization is inspiring! John and the team touch millions of people in recovery every day with their song of hope. Thank you Lori and John  for all you do for us and everyone battling this disease!” – Clearbrook Treatment Centers of Pennsylvania – CEO, Dr. Nick Colangelo



John Hollis,
Co- Founder/Owner,
Rockers In Recovery® Radio & Productions Inc.

Rockers In Recovery® – Privately Owned Media and Production Company.
Rockers In Recovery® Trademark is Privately Owned,
No use of trademark in any form is allowed.

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We Are Not A Treatment Program or Advocacy Group –  Rockers In Recovery® Radio & Productions has been a recovery media based organization since 2008.  Our sole purpose is to provide prevention and education information to anyone who suffers with drug addiction/alcoholism. We do this through our media platforms using the following; music, education, and our Recovery Partners.

DISCLAIMER – Our Website is based on opinion and is not meant to treat or diagnose any health or mental health issue of any kind. If you feel you need help for any health related issues please contact a physician or a mental health professional.